image.jpegToday was an Inset Day from school so the Small People and I met up with friends at Folly Farm a great West Wales destination for a fun packed day out with the family.  There are animals ranging from bunnies to cuddle to Penguins to laugh at and Giraffes to be amazed by.  For the ever energetic small people there are acres of space to run around; ride on trucks to enjoy; sandpits and various wooden structures to have adventures on.  There are many indoor attractions too, although I don’t know why as the sun always shines in Wales. 😊

We really are having a rare sunny dry spell here in Wales so today was topped off with a picnic and frequent stops to hand out nuts; fruit; cake and water to keep the small people happy! I am always amazed that minutes after a meal one or both announce they are hungry or thirsty!  I usually walk around with a rucksack full of boxes containing various items of food and drink!

An even better result is that the Small People are bathed and in bed; the Other Half is working away and there is picnic left.  The left overs were crying out for a glass or two of red – (I know its a school night) – well it would be rude not to – wouldn’t it?  Chin chin! x