End of Cycle 1

IMG_8719.JPGHi Guys, a non food related blog again.  I thought I would update you – Today, I finished the first 30 days (Cycle 1) of the Jo Wicks 90 Day SSS Plan and sent my measurements and photographs back to The Body Coach Team.

I really stuck to the plan for the first 20 days and then things started to slide for the last ten days – not drastically but alcohol and carbs crept back in occassionally as the Christmas Season warmed up! However I am delighted to say I have lost 4 kg and a couple of inches from various parts of my body.  So my results have been submitted and I am now waiting with growing excitement for the second cycle of food and exercise to be sent to me.

Its quite clever, within seconds of submitting my results, I received an email back from the Body Coach team showing me a table of my original measurements and today’s measurements.  More amazingly they also sent my initial photos along side today’s photographs and the difference is already noticeable.

Initially I found the plan really easy but by day 20 I was getting a bit fed up of the food and also found that I couldn’t actually eat all the food and snacks and so went off plan a bit.  However for me the exercise was awesome and even I have noticed a difference in my fitness and stamina.  I am still attending a personal training session once a week and a circuits class with Charlotte Koscian at the Personal Training Gym at Brynmill, Swansea as well as carrying out two sessions under my own steam.

I attend the circuits class with the Other Half (it’s a twist on a date night and we are so exhausted we don’t have to talk which ensures a long and successful relationship) then we go to Crumbs Cafe for a well deserved healthy breakfast.  In fact, this photo was taken last week after circuits when it was realised that we were wearing exactly the same gym gear and have matching water bottles!   Doh!   My only excuse is that I have dropped a dress size and there was a sale in Sainsbury, hence the same kit!!


Something else really strange happened over the last 30 days – I have turned the cellar into a gym! (I know, I know, those of you who know me would never believe I would say such a thing.  In fact I would have believed that I would turn it into a crack den before a gym!).  So now there is no excuse, I don’t even have to leave my home I can just pop down the stairs and complete a work out.

So that’s the plan so far, I’ll keep you updated about Cycle 2 which should be with me in three days.  If anyone is thinking about it, the key really is organisation and prep a number of meals in one go.  Then you always have something to pop in the microwave and eat without having to constantly weigh and prepare.  If I can do it anyone can!

Seasons Greetings. x





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  1. Gorgeous photo! Well done Lloydy on your determination and success!! Really chuffed for you mate xx


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