A Baker in Paris

A lovely friend’s baking adventure in Paris

Ellen's Bakes

Hi guys!

Recently I haven’t been posting much, and it’s because I’ve been busy organising a trip, which I’m about to tell you all about!

So this weeks post is going to be a little different, first of all, it’s not a recipe and second of all I’m not sat in my kitchen writing. I’m somewhere a little different to my kitchen, maybe more than a little… As I write this I’m sat in a bar, sipping a mojito in the middle of Paris. But don’t worry, this post is still slightly baking related I promise you!

I wanted to do something a little out of my comfort zone and take some pastry classes. And where else to take them than in Paris? I’ll be learning how to make classic French desserts such as Crepe Suzette and creme brûlée, French pastries like croissants and pain au chocolat, and lastly macarons!…

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